Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It Doesn’t Matter What We Do:

They’ll hate us anyway.

As seen in: November 6th, 2006 Record Herald

"A deliberate mockery of Muslim faith." "A blatant insult." "Clearly meant to provoke Muslims." That's what some Muslims are saying about the Apple Computer store on Fifth Ave. in New York City.

Why would they say such things? Because the Apple store is an underground retail store and iPod bar (the "bar" is where you can download music to your iPod.) with an above-ground entrance consisting of a 30ft tall clear class cube. You should do a search of " Apple Store Fifth Avenue", it's quite impressive. While you're at it, look up "Kaaba", which is a 49ft x 34ft x 39ft masonry structure in the center of Mecca, and apparently has quite significant meaning to the Muslim community. Enough significance to allow only Muslims to have cubes.

The Kaaba is a large, concrete cube, shrouded in black cloth. The Apple store is a large, clear glass cube, lighted at night to a brilliant glow, and has a large, stainless steel Apple in the center. Yeah--clearly the same thing.

Muslim leaders are saying that the cube was built to mock Islam. Oh, great, now they have rights to the cube. Better throw away all of your kid's building blocks. Uh, oh, Legos are blocks, the Kaaba is made of blocks, better throw those out too; and don't let them know about Rubik's Cube.

Heads of some websites are making claims that they built the cube to insult Muslims and to further rub it in, "serve alcoholic beverages inside". No, the only thing being served in this bar is music. They also show the Apple cube shrouded in black, much like their cube, and say that this is how it is represented. Nope, wrong again. This is what it looked like when it was under construction, not now. They are clearly misleading their readers to invoke anger, and have even called upon Muslims in America to help "bring down" the cube.

They are insulted by a glass box? Are you kidding me? Do you know what I'm insulted by? Do you know what makes my blood boil? Here's a short list of what insults me:

• Killing a nun after the Pope quoted someone else's writings that Islam is violent. (Nothing like killing an innocent person to prove that you are not violent)
• Cutting off the heads of captured Americans and broadcasting the footage on TV.
• Passing out candy on the anniversaries of 9/11 and dancing in the streets in celebration.
• Calling us the Great Satan and vowing to destroy us.
• Strapping bombs to children to kill innocent people.
• Flying jets into buildings and killing 2,998 people in one day.

This is what offends me, but I still don't want to go out and blow up their markets and shopping malls. The fact that you and I are alive is enough for them to hate us and want us dead. In their minds, we are not worthy to breathe the same air as them.

Everyone is afraid of these people, and that is what they want. Where do you think the word "terrorist" came from? Take out the "i-s-t" and what do you have?

In France, Muslims are running the show in many towns. The police are even afraid of them, yet they don't even call them Muslims, terrorists or gangs, they call them "youths" so not to offend them.

Stop being afraid! Stop giving them what they want! Do you think if we don't offend them we can all get along? The Apple store is a perfect example that they will never leave us alone! We can't even have a big box anymore without insulting them. If it wasn't the cube, it would be something else. Don't people see that there is always something to offend these animals?

Things like;
• Cartoons of Mohammed.
• Police enforcing law.
• The Pope, telling the truth.
• A cube in New York.

It's always something. We can't walk on egg shells around these people because they would jump to say we are thinking of breaking a shell and cut off our heads.

You cannot co-exist with that kind of mentality, you have to destroy it.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but so far, nearly all terrorists are Muslims. It’s time we address the 900 pound gorilla in the room, and it’s name is Islam.

The Kaaba
The Apple Store


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