Saturday, August 05, 2006

Where are the Hurricanes?

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August 11th, 2006 Times Gazette
August 15th, 2006 Record Herald

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Claims reduced:

Al Gore's Education does not include Meteorology, or anything weather related.

Remember last year as the record-breaking hurricane season was winding down, the Doom and Gloomers were telling us that next year (this year) would be worse.

We were promised that due to global warming, 2006 would be much worse than 2005, which we are constantly reminded was the worse year ever. . . since we started recording, that is. There could have been a hundred hurricanes in say, 1850, but we weren't counting. Here we are in August, 2006, and we have yet to see a hurricane make landfall. Last year at this time, we had nine named storms already: Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Dennis, Emily, Franklin, Gert, Harvey and Irene. Five of these were tropical storms, four hurricanes. This year, we've had none hit land yet. They haven't even come close to us. How is that worse?

Now, I'm not saying I want to be hit by hurricanes that would beat last year's, but I do want to know why no one is calling these people out on their claims! Imagine if your financial advisor told you that next year profits would go up from this year's nine hundred thousand at this time, and it only went up 3 hundred thousand. You probably wouldn't have him on the payroll anymore, because he clearly didn't know what he was talking about.

We cannot predict the weather like some people think we can. Is it going to rain a week from Tuesday? No one is really sure. Some things we just don't know.

We also hear about how the storms are getting stronger and lasting longer than they have in the past. Well, that claim is also false. We have better technology now, so we can better read the storm. They were always very strong; we just weren't able to see it from the ground. Now we have better satellites, so the storms look stronger, but actually we're just now really seeing them.

I want to hear what my favorite meteorologist; Al Gore has to say about this. After all, the poster for his documentary about the theory of global warming is a hurricane being produced out of a smoke stack, implying that man-made industry is causing hurricanes. If that were true, wouldn't this year be worse than last?

Most global warming activists are loving this heat wave we've been having; breaking records, that's what we hear. 1930 was actually the hottest summer on record. These are daily records, not yearly. These get broken almost every year, be it rain, dry, heat or cold, we're almost always breaking some record. Earlier this year Florida recorded a record low, and in Florida, it really hasn't been that hot. An area in South Africa just reported snowfall. Not unheard of, but uncommon. Global warming? More like local.

I recently read an article about an interesting light show in the Arctic sky similar to the Northern Lights. The headline read that it was due to global warming, but upon reading way down in the sixth paragraph, I learned that it was due to extreme cold temperatures, negative 112 Fahrenheit to be exact. Global warming, huh? Sounds cold.

If I make ten predictions and three come true, does that mean I'm a psychic? No. I was wrong 70% of the time. The fact that I was right the other 30% means that I made a lot of predictions and some were right.

More than I would like to hear the Doom and Gloomers talk their way out of this mess they've talked themselves into, I would like to hear those who back them up explain to me why they are listening to people who are not only wrong, but they're wrong more often than not.